Below we have created an online Organizer form that will allow you to input all of your tax information and submit it to us electronically. We have upgraded the system to allow you to upload pictures of your tax documents (ex. W2’s, 1099’s, etc.). If you would rather download the organizer, print it and fill it out by hand please press the Download PDF button below. Otherwise, scroll down and begin answering the questions. Feel free to call our office at (480) 898-7640 if you have any questions or issues filling out the organizer.

Business Tax Organizer

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  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: INCREASED PENALTIES for non-filing of 1099s.
    1099s must be issued to any individual (not LLC or corp) paid over $600 last year. Due by 1/31.

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  • Do not complete if you have computer printouts for these figures.

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  • Bring copies of 1099s
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